Swansea call centre Save Britain Money Group to hit our TV screens

A rapidly expanding call centre in Swansea’s Enterprise Park is about to welcome the world into its everyday ups and downs through a fly on the wall documentary.

The Save Britain Money (SBM) group covers everything from home insulation to mis-sold payment protection insurance and expanded from six to 600 staff in the space of four years.

The series provisionally called ‘The Call Centre’ will comprise six one-hour episodes due to be broadcast on BBC3 during Spring 2013.

A film crew first spent time at the SBM offices earlier this year gathering test footage which was submitted to the controller of BBC3 who gave approval for the programme to move into full production.

SBM operations director Ben Winchester said: “Hopefully, it’s not too much like Ricky Gervais and The Office.

“All the staff have really bought into the idea of the documentary taking place at the office and they are used to having the TV crews being here.

“In a call centre environment of 300 to 400 people you do get lots of different characters.

“Sometimes call centre workers, particularly outbound, do get a bit of bad press because they are contacting customers in their homes but I think the documentary will reflect that we are hard-working and good natured.”

SBM chief executive officer Neville Wilshire said: “I have always said that our people are our greatest asset, we have many talented individuals who work here.

“I think that this will be a fantastic opportunity for the nation to see what life is like in a call centre along with the highs and lows of working life.”

Tim Green, executive producer, BBC Wales said: “The energy, passion and humour of the entire team made us think this would make a great BBC series.”

South Wales Evening Post – Wednesday, 17 October, 2012.

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