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People And Skills

“Swansea has a large pool of willing workers and those with the expertise to handle the increasingly complex side of communications and home entertainment.”

Mark Davidson, executive director of customer contact at Virgin Media (July 2012, Wales online)

Many national and international companies including HSBC, Admiral Insurance, BT, Virgin Media, 3M, International Rectifier, Pure Wafer, and Amazon are already enjoying the benefits of Swansea Bay's skilled workforce.

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Things you should know...

  • Swansea is Wales’ second largest city with an urban population of approximately 225,000.
  • Swansea Bay accounts for 15% of Wales’ total land area and with 547,000 residents in 2008, over 18% of its total population.
  • 1.5 million people live within one hour of Swansea.
  • Swansea Bay has a workforce of approximately 250,000.
  • Of the half a million people who live within 30 minutes of Swansea, 39% fall within the high spending 16-44 age group.
  • Swansea has been named the second best location in the UK for business growth, after a Royal Mail survey 2011.
  • Tourism is worth more than £300m to Carmarthenshire's economy. Fashion magazine Red listed Carmarthenshire as second in its list of coolest places to visit in 2011.


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