Two Commercially Available 3D Bioprinters, Courtesy of Swansea University

A new Swansea University based company called 3Dynamic has announced the immediate availability of two 3D bioprinting machines: the Alpha and Omega bioprinters.

Headed by Dr. Daniel Thomas, Senior Research Officer at the Swansea University College of Engineering. Dr. Thomas has conducted extensive research in the field of manufacturing and 3D printing, and as a result of his work at the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating, is ready to commercialize 3D bioprinting systems.

Michael Molitch-Hou in his article for 3D Printing gives high praise to the launch of these machines stating “This is one company to keep your eye on”! read the full article here

These machines are capable of depositing a new range of materials to make useful innovative industry components. Developed at the world renowned Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating, the technology demonstrates that intelligently designed systems can be used to produce high performance structures. The unique systems have been designed to act as a catalyst for innovation, allowing components to be produced from carbon fibre and biologically active materials. These systems are designed to be durable, easy to operate and reliable, capable of opening up a whole new exciting domain of additive materials manufacturing.

3DS is working on fabricating 3D transplantable bone and complex tissue constructs on demand. This exciting breakthrough in tissue engineering technology could one day be used to treat severely injured patients.

3Dynamic Systems Ltd (3DS) new website, can be found at

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