Mynydd y Gwair Wind Farm places multi million pound contract in Swansea

Construction of Mynydd y Gwair means an investment of circa £52 million. 

Construction Project Manager, Tim James, explains how this significant first step means that construction work can now begin.

I am pleased to announce that Innogy Renewables UK Ltd. has signed a multi-million pound contract with South Wales civil engineering and construction company, Dawnus, for the preparatory ground works for Mynydd y Gwair Onshore Wind Farm.

The contract is for the initial works, including constructing the site entrance, access tracks and widening existing roads where needed. It is anticipated that the works will employ around 20 people during this eight to nine month period.

The Clydach based firm Dawnus, expect to start these enabling works for the construction of the 16 turbine wind farm in early February 2017.

This is a significant investment in South Wales. We are delighted to be working with Dawnus and delivering on our commitments to work with local companies where possible. They are a big firm in the region and have a team of local people with a wealth of local knowledge and experience, who are ready to start work on the project.

This project has had the consistent support of Swansea Bay Business Club and it was good to see their President, Hayley Davies, highlight the significance of innogy’s investment, when she said: “I’m delighted that Innogy Renewables UK Ltd is beginning construction on the Mynydd y Gwair Wind Farm and that the first major contract has been awarded to Dawnus, a firm based in Swansea and an important local employer. This is good news for Swansea, and a clear indication that much of the investment to build this wind farm could be injected into the local economy.”

This is an important milestone for us and I look forward to sharing lots more with you in the coming months.