Why was Swansea Bay Futures set up?

To bring together the private and public sector within the Swansea Bay area – covering Neath Port Talbot, Swansea and Carmarthenshire – to work together for the benefit of the economy of the region as a whole.

From the outset it has had strong support from large and small companies in the private sector, educational institutions and local authorities, all of which believe in the value of collaboration.

What does Swansea Bay Futures do?

The company is focused on connecting and promoting business and development in Swansea Bay, working both with companies with an operational base in the region and companies not here presently but which are looking to develop or set up a business.

It is also working to raise the profile of Swansea Bay and promote its attractiveness as a place to live, work, study, invest in and visit.

Who does Swansea Bay Futures work with?

Swansea Bay Futures works with companies within the region who are committed to seeing the economy of Swansea Bay prosper and grow. We also work to assist companies looking to set up or develop here, to give their proposals the best chance of success.

We have working links with other organisations in the region with a focus on business development and promotion and can signpost companies to the most appropriate organisations and people to assist them in their ambitions. Through our broad network of connections, including our experienced and influential Board of Directors, we can usually find the right contact to meet the needs of a company or situation.

We have formal links with a number of companies who have become Partners or Associates of Swansea Bay Futures, demonstrating their belief and passion for this beautiful part of south Wales.

When can a company benefit from working with Swansea Bay Futures?
  • Helping private businesses link with relevant and appropriate public sector contacts in local authorities and educational institutions
  • Encouraging local sourcing by providing information and facilitating opportunities for large companies to link with local service providers and giving profile to services delivered by companies based in the region
  • Providing local know how on the region for those who are unsure of the landscape – the who, what, where, when and how of Swansea Bay
  • Delivering specific communications activity which reaches specific local target audiences
  • Increasing a company’s profile in the region, promoting its business successes and developments
  • Helping a company to develop its connections within the region, with local companies, key influencers and decision makers
  • Communicating the attractions of the region as a place to live and work when seeking to attract high quality staff who may be unfamiliar with Swansea Bay
  • Communicating the attractions of the region as a place to live and work when seeking to attract high quality staff who may be unfamiliar with Swansea Bay
Do I have to be formally linked to make use of its services?

While it can be very beneficial to be formally linked with us either as a Partner or an Associate, there are many things we do which can be accessed by anyone who is interested. Swansea Bay Futures is a resource for other organisations to draw on and a great deal of information is available publicly on this website and through our Twitter and Facebook sites. These resources can be useful for business development, recruitment and for showing off the region to others…

  • Keep up to date with the latest positive news from the region, by regularly visiting our news pages, following our Tweets or liking our Facebook page
  • Our monthly ‘Bay of Life Watch’ newsletter provides an easy summary of what’s been happening over the previous month – as well as highlighting some of the up and coming business and public events which may be of interest
  • If you are particularly interested in development activity, then there’s a specific section which only contains this news
  • The website carries basic statistical information on the region which you can include in your own presentations or documents
  • If you want to arm yourself with some facts about Swansea Bay which you can use to challenge other people’s perception of the area, then you will find these scattered around the site
  • Make a link to the promotional DVD of Swansea Bay, which gives a flavour of the attractions of the City, Coast and Countryside which make up the region. It’s a great way of opening people’s minds to the beauty and opportunity of Swansea Bay

If you’re looking for something more, then find out what we can do for companies who link with us as Partners or Associates, or get in touch

What is the link with City & County of Swansea and other local authorities?

The City and County of Swansea, Neath Port Talbot and Carmarthenshire Councils are Partners of Swansea Bay Futures, supporting its efforts in promoting the region

What is the link with Swansea University?

In April 2011, and in addition to its Partner relationship, Swansea University contracted Swansea Bay Futures to work with it over a five year period to help maximise the benefits to the region from the development of its new Science and Innovation campus, known as Bay Campus, a £200m project bringing commercial research and university education together on the same site. It is the early stages in an ambitious campus expansion programme which will ensure that the University can deliver on its goal of being an economic driver for the region. Construction has already begun on the site, off Fabian Way, and is expected to be open in September 2015.

Our role in this potentially transformational project for Swansea Bay is to disseminate information about the development and the commercial opportunities which will accrue from it and other University activity. The University see the delivery of commercial benefits for business in the region as being a key part of the project and their commitment to Swansea Bay Futures demonstrates their confidence in our ability to deliver.

If you have any specific queries about this project, please get in touch.

What sort of company is Swansea Bay Futures?

It is a ‘not for profit’ company limited by guarantee.

How is Swansea Bay Futures managed?

It has a Board of Directors drawn from local authorities, other public sector organisations and key individuals from local, national and international businesses operating in the region.

How is Swansea Bay Futures funded?

Funding for the company is provided by Partners and Associates who are drawn from both public and private sector. We can also be contracted to deliver work on specific projects such as for the University’s new Bay Campus