Tourist Site for Swansea City and Bay Region

As this place is located near a Bay area, there are many tourist attractions in this place. It is also an important trading center, right near the river Tawe. The Gower Peninsula, the Three Cliffs Bay and the Clyne Gardens are few of the most popular attractions that you can check out here at Swansea. You can find more information regarding this on the Swansea city website, and you can witness the beauty of the sea and land both here at Swansea.

Local News

Here are some of the local news that you can see are from Swansea City and the neighboring Bay region. This local news is an important part of the Swansea city because the local news captures the essence perfectly.

  • Dean Saunders, who is a well-known ex-football player from Swansea and Wales was released from prison after one day. The incident happened so on the tenth of May, that the former player, of 55 years in age, couldn’t provide a breath test when asked by the police in his vehicle.
  • Swansea’s Jack Evans replaced Tom Carroll and played the last 17 minutes of Wednesday’s Carabao cup win against Cambridge in the local news. They won 6-0.
  • Last week was very fortunate for one Swansea local guy. He won the Ns&I Premium Bonds Jackpot worth over £1 million. Read more at

These are all the important local news of Swansea city; you can find them on the Swansea city website.

Most Popular Tourist Attractions

Here is a list of the top tourist attractions in Swansea city which you can find on Swansea city website:

  • NATIONAL WATERFRONT MUSEUM: This is one of the best museums that you can visit in the city. This museum celebrates the industrial and maritime history of wales, going back to the eighteen hundred. Swansea has a history of supplying coal and steel to various parts of the world, as well as copper, therefore this museum plays an important role in the history of Swansea City.
  • MUMBLES: This is a sea-side village where you can enjoy a perfect sea-ambiance. This small village has over a hundred and twenty shops, and you can enjoy the local delicacies which mainly include fish and other sea-foods.
  • CLYNE GARDENS: This is another masterpiece location in the city of Swansea. You can find exotic plant ranges, starting from rhododendrons, to elephant rhubarbs to orchids to almost anything. This is a Japanese garden with a beautiful bridge and is one of the most scenic locations that every tourist needs to check out.
  • THREE CLIFFS AND ROSSELLI BAY: The Gower peninsula has few of the most beautiful bay areas that you can see. Three Cliffs and Rossili Bay are two of the most attractive bays near the Gower peninsula. You can see the horizon right in front of your eyes, and these are easily one of the best tourist attractions that you shouldn’t miss if you visit Swansea.

Things To Do In The Bay Area

  • You can check out the Down To earth eco-adventures on the Gower peninsula.
  • You can try out the stand-up paddle here at Swansea.
  • You can dwell upon a tropical forest adventure at Plantasia.

These are some of the best things that you can try at Swansea city which you can find on the Swansea city website.

Football Team is City Main Sport Entertainment

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Night Life and The Best Casino Entertainment

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