Wales is one of the four nations (along with England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland) that are part of the United Kingdom, whose capital is Cardiff. One of the particularities of Wales is that it has two official languages: English and Welsh. This nation is located in the western part of the island of Great Britain.

Formerly this region was inhabited by the Celts and had its own cultural identity, making this area of the UK a new tourist spot, so if you decide to visit Wales, you will have plenty of possibilities to do and see during your trip.

What to see in Wales? Monuments, museums and places of interest

Wales is one of the quietest European regions and therefore a great destination to visit with children. A full tour of Wales and not miss anything has to go through the following places.

  1. Landscapes in Wales

Wales is a country that stands out for its views. You can find high mountains, rivers, lakes and the natural parks of Snowdonia, Brecon Beacons and the coast of Pembrokeshire. Besides, much of the Welsh coast is protected. You can also plan a route through the most beautiful villages in Wales and be impressed by their impeccable beauty.

  1. Cromlechs in Wales

The cromlechs of Pentre Ifan, Bryn Celli Ddu and Parc Cwm long cairn. These are prehistoric megalithic monuments of circular stones.

  1. Castles in Wales

In Wales, there are numerous medieval castles, including Beaumaris Castle, Caernarfon Castle, and Conwy Castle. Although Cardiff also has its castle.

  1. National Museum of Wales

The National Museum of Wales is free and has works of art of the whole history of the country.

  1. Cathedral of Wales

Cathedral of St. David’s is in Pembrokeshire, one of the smallest cities in the UK, but one of the most beautiful churches.

What to do in Wales? Leisure, festivals, routes.

  1. Festivals in Wales
  • The Cardiff Summer Festival is Wales ‘ most extensive cultural offering. It is outdoors and what differentiates you from many European festivals is the price of the Festival, as it is free
  • The International Festival of Food and Drink International Food and Drink Festival) also takes place in the summer in Cardiff, coinciding with these two significant national events.
  • At the Swansea Festival, you can listen from opera to electronic raves.
  1. Entertainment in Wales

The Eisteddfod is a celebration in honor of all Welsh so that you can enjoy the most authentic and folk roots of Wales.

One of the most striking proposals that Wales offers is Geocaching, which consists of finding toppers with objects that the participants themselves Hide and locate by GPS so that they can be discovered.

  1. Major cities in Wales

The three most important cities in Wales:

  • Cardiff is the capital of Wales and has the largest population and importance.
  • Swansea is the second most important city, with significant economic and cultural activity.
  • Newport was named a city for the 50 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.