Wales is a small, welcoming and very multifaceted country. More than 600 castles, 3 National Parks and many villages and corners to discover. For a place with such exciting landscapes, from snowy peaks to wild littoral, Wales is small and cozy. Come and relax and explore valleys and small villages. Enjoy the dynamic atmosphere of the cities and the capital, Cardiff, which has been chosen the most friendly in Britain. In about two hours by train from London, you can enjoy the adventure of Celtic territory.

3-day itinerary in Wales

Three days is nothing, but we have managed to create the perfect route so that in your first contact with the country you realize how much it can offer.

What to see?

The seven surprises Wales hides

So close and so far. Although Wales is becoming more and more known in our country, it continues to be a destination that falls in love and boils the traveler who discovers it for the first time. And Wales is not only beautiful and full of places of interest. Besides, Wales is fantastic. Here are some of the surprises that Wales hides and which is the best route to come to know you by The Hand of Tourist Forum:

  1. A very visited country

It may seem to us that Wales is a little-known destination, but it has 9 million visitors every year. Three times more than the country’s population, which is 3 million people. But there are still fewer tourists than sheep! In the Welsh fields and farms there live no less than 11 million of them.

  1. A language of its own

Wales is officially bilingual. In addition to English, Welsh is spoken. No less than the oldest living language in Europe and the Celtic language with more speakers. You will soon learn the name of the country in Welsh, Cymru. The rest will cost you a little more; it is a language that uses little vowels, but also does not have all consonants. In the Welsh language, the letters K, C, Z, and V. do not exist.

  1. A country of glass ceilings

Okay, the sky in Wales isn’t always blue and sunny. Perhaps that is why the Welsh is the glass ceilings. And build big. The glass ceiling of the Grand greenhouse of the National Botanical Garden is the largest in the world. And Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium is the second-largest in the world with a retractable glass ceiling.

  1. A beach country

Surprised? Indeed, in Wales, there are 750 miles of spectacular coastline (over 1200 Km.) and 43 beautiful Blue Flag beaches. Part of the coast is protected, and the coastal footpath of the Pembrokeshire (South Wales) is, perhaps, the trekking route to famous Great Britain.

  1. A privileged nature

Wales is the coast, but also Mountain. And the forest, and lakes, and meadows and hills, it’s a country with a beautiful and preserved nature. There are three national parks in the country. 25% of the territory of Wales is officially a National Park or is referred to as an official landscape of extraordinary beauty.

  1. A country of castles

Agree, this will not surprise if you’ve seen photos or videos of state, always comes out. There are no more or less than 641 castles in Wales. There is no country in Europe with more castles per square kilometer. And each of them hides some surprise or other. For example, did you know that the tower of Caerphilly Castle has a greater inclination than that of Pisa?

  1. A country tale

That Wales is beautiful we’ve already said, Haven’t we? But it’s not just us saying it. That it’s a fairytale country proves that Harry Potter, Robin Hood or Snow White have been shot here. But it’s also a beautiful country. The proof is in Wales inspired Lewis Carroll to write “Alice in wonderland.”

Wales has several direct flights from Spain to Cardiff, but another great option is to fly to Bristol and enter the country through Tintern Abbey. At Tourist Forum we help you organize your trip.